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Happening in Highland Park: NELA’s Historic Community Garden Ready for Summer 2016

Highland Park, Los Angeles, is an epicenter of change currently. Property values are skyrocketing, and new businesses are attracting people from all around to come and indulge in the unique culture and atmosphere of Historic Highland Park.


Just across the street from the iconic Frank’s Camera building and newly opened Highland Park Bowl, the Highland Theatre lights up the sky on the weekends with its locally famous green marquis lights, reminiscent of the exciting buzz of yesteryear, when families would head out to Figueroa Street for a night of wining, dining, entertainment and socializing.

Behind the theatre, whose backside is tattooed with awe inspiring street art, is the Milagro Allegro Community Garden. As summer falls upon us, new life is breathed into the once parking lot that now serves as a focal point of community activity and natural beauty for the Northeast Los Angeles (NELA) community.

The garden itself is a place for gardeners to come a rest after stressful days at work, and reap the fruits of their labor (literally). While each plot serves a different purpose to their individual plot owners, the 30+ collective raised wooden plots create an oasis amid an urban landscape.




Last year, among the most successful of the community programs held at the garden was our Amaranth Harvest, hosted by Liz Goetz, MFA in partnership with the Souzas of Art in the Park located in nearby Hermon. A series of educational art classes educated children about the history and purpose of Amaranth plants in Guatemalan culture. By the end of the three-month project, the grains were ready for harvest, and community members gathered to harvest the seeds in traditional Guatemalan practice, and the seeds were then stored in the local seed library to be re-used for this year’s harvest. There are more of these types of programs in the works.


In an ongoing effort to be a zero-waste and water conservative community garden, we have added giant 300-gallon caged water tank. The benefit of the plastic tank is that it is easier to quantify exactly how much the garden is using, as opposed to over watering with traditional hoses and water cans. Another perk is that these plastic tanks are durable, yet easy to mend if they were to become punctured. They don’t rust over time like the heavier, galvanized steel tanks do, making them easier to maneuver around, and more cost efficient.




Rather than watering in the middle of the day, most of our gardeners have taken to the habit of getting to their plots early in the morning, or in the later afternoons to hydrate their plots. By doing this, the water is able to soak to the roots, and enrich the roots as opposed to watering in the middle of the day, when the sun quickly evaporates the water.

It is also imperative to not over water the plants, and make sure that gardeners are not just watering dirt. Native Southern California plants are resilient and actually do well with little water, as they have had to adapt and evolve over the years, especially during the historic drought we have found ourselves in the middle of.


One of our favorite gardeners, Felix, tends to his plot, which has been producing a wealth of amazing mint and abundant lettuce. 



Here’s some of the lettuce we are taking home to eat from Felix’s plot! 

Another addition to the garden is a large compost system. Generally, successful garden composts are divided into three categories (and they don’t have to be all nice and neat, contrary to what you might read on the internet or in official gardening books). You just need three quasi-separate piles: new compost, aging compost, and ready to use compost. A combination of brown (dry) and green (wet) compost will create the proper nitrogen and carbon to help break down the material, creating a compound of nutrient rich soil to better help your plot become a flourishing bed of growth. It’s easy to get in the habit of creating a designated bin for kitchen scraps that you can heap into your local compost at your convenience!

It is also important to aerate the compost, this can be done with a pitchfork, and by just making sure that air and moisture are reaching all parts of the materials in the compost. This will deliver oxygen where it is needed, keeping the cultures within alive and active. This can be done weekly, or whenever a hefty amount of new material is being added to the compost.




The best things for your compost are easy to find and will help you take step to living a more sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle! Composts can include dead leaves, lawn clippings, food scraps (not including meat and fat), black and white newspaper, manure (preferably from organic-fed sources), and all organic matter.

Each raised plot should cultivate a combination of fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, grass clippings and/or wood chips (to prevent weed growth, more susceptible in places with direct sunlight), and compost. Grass clippings are an optimal source of organic fertilizer, as it is available via often free local sources, it does double duty preventing weeds and conserving water and garden soil moisture, which is something that not even all bags of pre-packaged commercial mulch does.

The benefits of raised bed garden plots are seemingly endless. They produce a better yield for area because there is better drainage and better opportunity for deeper rooting and stronger crops. It is also easier to rework the soil and top layers from season to season, making your plot ready to serve you all year round.



This season, my plot-mates and I decided to turn all the soil, removing all weeds and excess roots, to make room for our new seedlings. With about five bags of manure from a local source, our plot was ready to get started! It is always encouraged to plant from seeds, and we advocate for this at Milagro Allegro. This year, we purchased our organic seeds from Sunset Nursery in Silver Lake and used a seed started kit to germinate the seeds. When they were ready to be transplanted, we transported them to the plot and arranged them in their appropriate rows. So far so good!




Our giant trellis is being used for our melons, tomatoes, and my favorite—watermelon. Last year, with just one watermelon seed, I was able to manipulate my watermelon vine to work its way all around my giant trellis to create a watermelon tree of sorts. Because of the adaptability of the fruit, the vines strengthened to adapt the the weight of the melons, allowing them to grow and hang in a unique and creative way. I hope to do this same this year! The results were delicious.



There is not shortage of trellises for gardeners to utilize at the garden and there are a variety of sizes and types that can cater to your individual gardening needs. Summer trellises can be used to help grow tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, pole beans, gourds, melons, squash and pumpkins.

During the months of May and June, it is prime time to plant the following for the best results; basil, beans (bush and pole), beets, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, jicama, lima beans, mustard, okra, peppers (of all varieties), pumpkin, radish, squash, sunflowers, Swiss chard, tomatoes, watermelon, and zucchini.



There is something satisfying and fulfilling about caring for something and watching it grow. Not only are there aesthetically pleasing benefits of gardening but functional rewards as well. There is a community of local gardeners that congregate to chat and enjoy the outdoors in the middle of a neighborhood where some have lived for generations. But people are welcome to enjoy the garden, whether you are an established resident of the area, or looking to get more involved. Each plot gives a little glimpse into each gardener’s character. So stop by and watch the evolution of the harvests of summer 2016!


Jasmine produces a seducing aroma for passerby’s of every variety. 


Fruit trees lining the garden create a more inviting ambiance as opposed to the often deterring chain link fence. The apples are in bloom as wells at the beautiful flowers that grow with them. 

If you are interested in starting some sort of community programming in the garden, please contact Andrea Kainuma at andreakainuma@gmail.com for more information.

For more background on the genesis and mission of the garden, here is the description as listed on its Facebook page:

“The Milagro Allegro garden is located at 115 S. Avenue 56 in the Northeast Los Angeles community of Highland Park. The garden features 10,000 square feet of land divided into 32 raised plots for cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers. The garden also features a gathering circle for hosting classes, workshops and community events.

Milagro Allegro is located behind the historic Highland Theater, on 10,000 square feet of land belonging to the City of Los Angeles. Before Milagro Allegro began negotiations for a community garden, the land had remained vacant for 30 years—full of weeds and surrounded by barbed wire.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of several community members and the support of Los Angeles City Councilmember Ed Reyes, Assemblyman Kevin De Leon, L.A. Department of Transportation, L.A. Community Garden Council, L.A. Conservation Corps, Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council and Home Depot, the Milagro Allegro Community Garden was able to open its doors.

The Milagro Allegro Community Garden is organized under the Los Angeles Community Garden Council, which supports 70 community gardens throughout Los Angeles County. Collectively, the gardens serve nearly 4,000 families and have become a vibrant part of their communities aimed at reducing poverty, mitigating global warming and benefiting the environment.

Its mission is to be a center of peace and beauty in the community where the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers as well as creative ideas, artistic expression and neighborly values may take place.

The Milagro Allegro Community Garden integrates urban farming, art and education in the heart of the Highland Park neighborhood. Garden plots are available for interested community members. A community gathering space hosts classes, workshops and events. Local schools may incorporate the garden into curriculum or after-school activities. “

…and then there was Occupy Beauty.

occupy beauty even hosted by melanie elkin

This past weekend, I (reluctantly) attended a six hour yoga/mind/body/female empowerment/pretty-much-anything-you-can-think-of-that’s-positive seminar that my roommate signed us up for. With my in ADD, how could she ever expect me to pay attention for six hours? But alas, we’ve both been in a funk, so, hey, why not? Like I said…I was hesitant (as well as a tad hung over). Moving on.

To say that I was completely wrong about any and all assumptions I made about Occupy Beauty hosted by Melanie Elkin would be an understatement—but not a surprise, because I am wrong about most things. The yoga only hurt my body about 40% as it probably deserved (considering the previous night’s shenanigans…bleh!), I was not being judged by a room full of stereotypical supermodels and/or beauty pageant contestants trying to pick up some “feminist buzzwords” for their next event. Nope! It was literally none of those things

After we found the location to the day retreat in the sticks of Summerland, California, we parked at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. If you have never heard of it before, then we have something in common. But now, you don’t really have that excuse, because now you know. If you ever find yourself in the Santa Barbara, CA area, I recommend you give it a look. There was a wonderful African photo exhibit and book signing. Going to assume they have rad events like that regularly. Plus, we were all there—being awesome. It’s a cool place, and easy on the eyes if you know what I’m sayin’. Scenic and whatnot. No shoes, no problem kind of deal. Anyways, moving on!

Welp! Within the first ten minutes of hearing the host, Melanie Elkin, aka the creator/founder/visionista of Yoga’licious (the host of the event) talk, I had a crush on her and was pretty much willing to do any and everything she would ask me to do for the next six hours. Don’t judge! You all would have felt that way too.

We opened up the floor in a circle *classic*, and I used it as an opportunity to scout out the 70+ women standing in the room with me. I didn’t hate it. Then we went around the room and introduced ourselves with our name and one word that represented something that we wanted to walk away from the day from. Feelings? Absolutely not! But Melanie asked, so I had to think of something. My thought pattern went something like this….

“Okay, what’s my goal for today?…c’mon, Andrea, think! Something sarcastic…lighten the mood? Yes. This is always the way to go. Wait. Uh. What is that weird feeling inside of me? Like, that lump in my throat? Why is my heart beating faster? What is this trickery?!”

Everyone kept saying their names around the circle and slowly but surely before you know it, it was my turn. So what did I say? What happened next?

I threw up. Not actual vomit. But more like “truth-vomit”. I said, “Hello, I’m Andrea, and ‘direction’.” Yep! That lump in my throat was a feeling, a goal. And I shared that shit. It felt good, and I felt lighter. Who was I fooling? I do need me some good ole fashioned direction.

The next part was probably the most interesting. Melanie spoke for a bit and we all teared up, laughed etc. Then she asked for us to think about a part of our bodies that we don’t love. Mine was easy. Come on, Mel, give me a challenge! I jotted down “love handles”. Plain and simple. But here’s the kicker. Then she asked for a volunteer to share with everyone what they had put, and to explain why.


Being the impulsive person I am (and extreme advert to awkward silences), I volunteered to go first. That’s right people, if I was going to do this, I might as well do it 100-effing-percent. Also, Melanie is adorable. What would you have done?!

This is an accurate depiction of how I felt as soon as I did it:

ET dressed up occupy beauty

(photo via E.T.)

She asked me to please stand up (by the way, we were all sitting on our yoga mats). So there I was, the first volunteer. I stood up, put my hands on my waist like I owned the place, and I shared. I also think I might not have been breathing. I might have also been sucking in my stomach, but it’s hard to say….the memory escapes me! Moving on.

She asked me to repeat. I did. Then she stared, where I think might have been into *my soul*, but I’m not positive, and then she asked me to explain why. By then I had exhaled and pretty much surrendered and residual possibility of  not becoming  a total Yoga’licious believer by the end of this thing. So, shit, may as well just be honest.

At first, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say about not liking my love handles. All I knew was that they existed, and that I did not love them, and I was resentful for them having such a misleading title. But then, more of the truth-vomit! (What can I say?! That’s girl is good!). I wanted to accept my love handles, the same as how I appreciate curves in other women…as a sign of femininity. Curves are beautiful, so why not give myself the satisfaction of appreciating my own curves? Some feminist I am. I’m trying! I even volunteered one of my go-to cover-up moves…in other words—putting my hands on my hips like I own the place to cover up my love handles. I put my arms down, and still felt like I owned the place. Sort of.

Everyone listened to what each other had to say. We took in deep breaths to absorb our thoughts and to give our minds and bodies a chance to process. Duh.

We moved on to what seemed would be a simple task. Just to find a partner that you don’t know and sit down facing them. Check and check. Naudia from Argentina. I was clearly going to kick ass at this task.Then we got our instructions to just stare at each other. Piece of cake! Naudia had pretty eyes, and beautiful curly hair. Lots to look at! But then the second part of the directions—-don’t talk to each other.

Um, this was going to be an issue for me. How would I embrace a moment of true beauty and acceptance without being able to crack a joke? Welp, we found out. I could barely look at her in the eye. Why? I felt, I don’t know, guilty or something. She didn’t have a problem with it. It was easy for her. She just had a little smile the whole time.

When we were done, everyone kind of had a sigh of relief, and then we went around the room and found out how everyone’s experiences differed from each others. Holy mother of pearl! Light bulb moment. Our perception of staring and admiring is linked with negative association of judgment and hate, rather than the association it could have, of admiration and appreciation. Whoa! This is a totally different conversation for a different day, but I felt compelled (okay and impulse-d) to share now. That’s a pretty big concept to wrap my mind around! And I did it in three minutes of staring.

Like I said, this Melanie woman is good.

She had me thinking all like:

tina belcher strong sensual woman occupy beauty

(photo via Bob’s Burgers on FOX)

Not going to beat around the bush. The rest of the day was awesome. We did an hour of yoga. I lost my footing, felt things crack, pop back into place, and burn. I felt light hearted; I felt air fill up my lungs all the way as opposed to the short spurts of breath I tend to experience during the work week. I felt…pretty good. Who’d-a-thunk-it?

Then we had a board of lecturers. They were inspirational, and I also had a crush on all of them. Shocker. Oh, give me a break…you should have heard these women speak! I fell in love and I’m feelin’ good about it. While I filled up half a notebook with quotes and ideas that I jotted down whilst they spoke, I’ll just share a few of my favorites:


  • Kenetia Lee– This is what Kenetia’s bio says on her website: “Kenetia Lee is one of today’s leading authorities on beauty empowerment. She is a highly respected professional Makeup Artist, Author, and Speaker with over ten years of hands-on experience.” I can dig it!

“What people project is literally never about you. Learn the difference between judgement and discernment….and get a picture of yourself that you like. Look at it when you’re feeling down. Or just use my picture. I look amazing.” (by the way, I paraphrased the last part myself…sue me)


  • Kellen Brugman– This is a little about Kellen, as per her website also: “Kellen Brugman is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, yoga teacher, writer and self-reclaimed artist based in Santa Barbara, California. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez mountains, Kellen shares the beauty of Ayurveda, yoga and writing so people can experience greater ease, peace, and creativity in their lives.”


“Don’t wait for the conversation you want to hear…START the conversation you want to hear!”

“Eliminate the idea of competition. Competition doesn’t exist.”


“Never cast your line in the old main stream.”


  • Dr. Tumi Johnson-…. and Tumi (whom I adored from the moment she opened her mouth!)!: “Dr. Oluwatumininu (Tumi) Johnson is an Integrative Holistic medical doctor. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine as well as Integrative Holistic Medicine….Dr. Johnson is an Assistant professor of Internal Medicine at New York University (NYU)…. She graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University Medical School and completed her medical residency at NYU with a focus in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, receiving special training in psychosocial health care during that time…. She also has expertise in nutrition with past experience running a weight management clinic in New York, serving in West Africa with Doctors without Borders to oversee nutrition clinics, and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. ” Oh! AND she is a professional dancer too. My theory is that Tumi is actually 200 years old. That  is the only logical explanation I can come up with when I think about how one person can fit so much into one life. Her LinkedIn Account probably shut down because she had so much information.


  • Jackie RuckaJust a little bit about Jackie via her website…” A true Renaissance woman, Jackie is a talented artist, a highly trained psychotherapist and business professional. With an extensive background as a top-rated corporate marketing expert working with many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and Fortune 500 corporations, she incorporates her knowledge of building billion-dollar brands into building a billion-dollar mindset for success during life transitions”

These are the “Gems” of wisdom Melanie asked all the speakers to share with the group. Not sure exactly who said what, so let’s just give everyone credit! Credit isn’t what it is about anyways, right? Right…?!

“Drop your ego. Drop your control. Drop your judgement. Let it go, let it go, let it go.”


“Be fearless, and fear less. Love it is. Beauty is being. -Kaneisha

“Follow your calling, and never, ever give up.”

“Your happiness is your calling…by the way—your calling is LIFE.”

“Outer glow is a direct representation of internal happiness.”

“Am I willing? Can I commit to myself? Can I accept myself as beautiful?”

“Align yourself with YOUR truth and YOUR nature.”

Some of the generous sponsors (that I remember, and sorry in advance to the ones I failed to mention) were…

  • Lulu Lemon– Even though I think it is funny to wear the band’s shirt to their own concert, I totally came decked out in my hand-me-down Lulu Lemon garb. And I was NOT the only one, that’s for sure. We got little goodie bags at the end, and I guess they are really supportive of Occpy Beauty, so they are okay in my book.


  • Heather Houser handmade jewelry….we got goodie bags with really cute handmade jewelry made by one of the attendees!


  • The Juice Club – I drank some good juice ! There were some juice conosoirs, that’s for sure. I don’t know anything about juice other than that I drink it. But it was yummy and served to me by a tall and statuesque woman (the owner, perhaps). Not sure. But I didn’t hate it! Go get yourself  some!



  • The Power of Om Yoga Studio– I took a class here and it was fun! Cool building and good instructor. A couple of the instructors were at Occupy Beauty and proved really helpful. They don’t judge when you’ve got a mad case of shaky arm! (not that that happens to me…because it doesn’t. My arms are muscular and balancing all my weight on one arm is a piece of cake…said no one ever.) Sue me!


We finished up the day learning a dance by non other than the marvelous Dr. Tumi, and we danced in group across the room. We were all a bit unsure and timid at first. OKay, maybe that was just me—but then I realized that wasn’t what it was about. We were all there having fun. You can’t look stupid if you are having fun. People look beautiful when they are having fun. We all looked really beautiful.

I felt like this…in a good way:

little miss sunshine occupy beauty

(photo via Little Miss Sunshine)

So I guess, in conclusion, I didn’t really take away anything from this day at Occupy Beauty. JUST KIDDING. It moved me beyond words and I can’t wait for the next one. Everyone was awesome, and I really did walk away feeling good! It just confirmed what I already knew. It just reminded me of what I already have. I had direction all along! I just wanted to ignore it. This helps with recognizing it again. Let’s not become strangers to our self-love, y’all! Let’s occupy ourselves, and let’s occupy beauty,

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Women Around the World: Daily Article Feed

Your daily dose of stuff you want to read about. Brought to you by The Whirling Girlish.

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SNL Making History: http://jezebel.com/amazing-snl-adds-two-black-women-writers-to-staff-1497427114/@madeleine#! (via Jezebel)

Afghans to Free Prisoners: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304347904579310763589351476 (via Wall Street Journal)

Former Child Soldier Imagines “tomorrow” in Sierra Leone: http://www.npr.org/2014/01/09/260761045/a-former-child-soldier-imagines-tomorrow-in-sierra-leone (via NPR)

Beyonce and Michelle Obama—yes, please: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/michelle-obama-and-beyonce-friends-and-feminists/2014/01/07/3d31b9aa-77ad-11e3-af7f-13bf0e9965f6_story.html?tid=hpModule_d39b60e8-8691-11e2-9d71-f0feafdd1394 (via Washington Post)

State Feminists vs. 343 Bas*****: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/30/opinion/state-feminists-vs-343-bastards.html?_r=0 (via NY Times)

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Top 10 Feminist Music Discoveries of 2013: http://bitchmagazine.org/post/top-10-feminist-new-music-discoveries-of-2013 (via Bitch Magazine)

Is the Weasley family feminist?: http://www.slate.com/blogs/quora/2014/01/01/feminism_in_harry_potter_are_the_weasleys_feminists.html (via The Slate)

Ani DiFranco’s cancelled feminist retreat at an ex-slave plantation: http://www.thewire.com/culture/2013/12/year-solidarityisforwhitewomen-and-twitter-feminism/356583/ (via The Wire)

Feminism for Everyone: http://www.care2.com/causes/why-feminism-benefits-everyone.html (via Care 2)

Editing your life stories: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/01/01/258674011/editing-your-lifes-stories-can-create-happier-endings (via NPR)

Are women-only hotel floors sexist?: http://www.cntraveler.com/daily-traveler/2013/12/women-only-hotel-floors-are-insulting-but-not-for-the-reason-you-think (via Conde Nast Traveler)

The World’s Most Dangerous Women: http://www.esquire.com/women/most-dangerous-women-1213#slide-1 (via Esquire)