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The Trailer Project is here.

Walking to the Milagro Allegro Community Garden, behind the Historic Highland Theatre, I saw an opportunity I couldn’t help but pursue.

I ran into a native Highland Parker and professional artist who has been an active part of Los Angeles art culture for the past 30 years. She crafts one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry from the studio built on her one-of-a-kind property amid the rapidly changing neighborhood. To see her art click here.

I had passed by a vintage trailer parked in her yard for the better part of two years. My roommates were physicists (yeah…I know) in their final year of their doctoral programs at CalTech in Pasadena, and I knew it would be crunch time during their home stretch. I figured it was time to give them the space they needed to get the job done.

I asked my friend if the trailer was vacant, and if so, I was interested in renting it. I had nothing to lose. She was caught off guard, of course, but the transaction ensued at the very moment. I started moving my things into the 1969 19 foot Silver Streak “Jet” I’d been eyeballing for so long.

Interesting fact: Silver Streaks are made by the same people who make ‘Airstreams’, but the Silver Streak is entirely insulated (and maybe a little cooler?)—I’m biased.

Being a self proclaimed minimalist, the move was really just across the street, my belongings were inside the trailer (whose insides hadn’t really seen the light of day in years) in about an hour and a half.

The trailer needed a little bit of work.

Nothing I couldn’t handle! There were cabinets and wooden fixtures outline the interior walls. It was used as a mobile office for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power during the 60s and 70s.


I already had the equipment, which was convenient, now I just had to will the (wo)man power.

There were some original components of the trailer that I wanted to keep, so I set them aside, treated and replaced them later.


I knew some pieces were going to be essential and had to be addressed first; a bed, a desk, closet space, and some air circulation—in the winter? Well, some heat!

After clearing the insides and scrubbing down years of grime from the walls and repainting them with a few coats of stark white paint, I visualized exactly how I wanted her to be.



Sure, it might not look like much…but this soon became the most important art project of mine. Most of my free time went into the trailer. I realized these sorts of projects were probably never really “finished”, and that’s okay. Slowly but surely, the trailer became home.

After using some of the lumber I got from a carpenter/artist pal of mine up in the San Francisco area (he also owns BayAreaCustomFurniture and is one of my favorite painters), it was time to move things in.

At this phase, the trailer really started to reflect my personality more. Because of the tiny-home living situation aka, little to no space, it caused me to really shed possessions that I didn’t use or didn’t need anymore. A fresh start!

I got some cool vintage pieces, and started collecting pictures and art that I organized to hang on my salon style wall. I painted the inside of the door yellow, got some awesome indoor plants, hung up some lanterns for light, and kicked back back to revel in what it had become. The sounds of angry drivers peeling around corners, crying babies,  and helicopters flying overhead during the night, shining their lights into my little trailer, became my tropical breeze. Home, sweet home. It really is where you park it!

Feeling like a proud parent, and loving my neighborhood  and community more than ever, I posted a couple blog pieces on The Whirling Girlish, showcasing how far we’d come as well as the beautiful and unique surrounding neighborhood that the trailer and myself call “home”!

You can go back and check out the articles here.

trailer update 2





*I should note that the bed situation is WAY more comfortable than it looks.

Even though I was pleased with the interior transformation, and of course loved her for what she was already (I accepted her!), I couldn’t help but wish I had a more clear idea of what I wanted to do on the outside. There was the beautiful deck that I was using all the time, which really is a social space. Having people over at the trailer gets sort of crammed inside.

Like many things that are overthought, nothing really progressed after a while. I added some plants or pieces that were “works in progress”, but there’s no doubt there were alterations I wanted to make. It really just came down to a matter of “when and how?”.

And just like so many things that are overthought, so many things are also rushed. I decided to let the exterior of the trailer happen organically to give myself time to really get things done completely.




She had just pitched and successfully sold a show concept for EllenTube called Grand Design.

Here’s how it would go down;

A pair of contractors/TV personalities, originally from HGTV referred to as The Cousins, would come in with a team and re-design the outside deck—all within 24 hours, and all for under $1,000.

Was this real? Did I say “yes”?! Of course! They didn’t have to ask me twice. I was on board, they were excited about the project, and they would be at the gate, hammer in hand, at the end of the month.

Woah, man. What had I done right recently?

True to their word, it all happened, and it was an amazing experience in time. I met the cousins, saw that they were in love with the property, neighborhood, and most importantly, the trailer. They were excited about the project and it relieved any apprehension I had experienced leading up to the moment.

The anticipation about killed me…but it was worth it. The experience and end result are beyond what I had fathomed.

See for yourself. 


For lack of a better word—I was stoked.

And I wasn’t the only one! Thousands of other people thought the transformation was amazing too! What a cool show. Something I had wanted to do for so long, completed in a day. Amazing. Not to mention it was EXACTLY what I wanted. I wouldn’t (and haven’t) changed a thing.





She’s pretty dreamy looking at night time too.





Want to see the episode? Click HERE! Enjoy! 



The Whirling Girlish for @HappeninginHighlandPark !

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.06.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.27.03 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.07.04 AM

As of late I’m writing for @HappeninginHighlandPark (http://happeninginhighlandpark.com) and below is a feature that just posted today about the urban garden in, you guessed it—Highland Park!

Link to full article here!

Whirling Girlish walk in the (Highland) Park!

andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaI’ve wanted to do this for so long, so I finally did! I have always loved the historic architecture around the neighborhood, especially the unique signs. It gives the area a lil somethin’, somethin’ ya know? These are all candid shots taken in motion with my iPhone 6 (and they are unfiltered too!)

Above is my Eden, the Milagro Allegro Community Garden located behind the Historic Highland Theater, and it’s lined with recycled water jugs as we wait for our upcoming drip water system! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaThe ever-changing walls of graffiti around the neighborhood always makes for strolls around town that are short of boring. I always like checking out what’s happening inside Sun Beam Vintage (creating a mental inventory of things that I wouldn’t mind owning in the future). They’ve had truckloads of stuff coming in lately it seems.  I always come across something new ie: this random door. Good thing too, because you have to remember not to always stare at the ground! There are some renovations happening in the upper levels of lots of the buildings along Figueroa, so I’m interested to see what becomes of them. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This is getting to where it seems like the cool cats like to hang out. I can never tell if the stores are open or not, but the tiny cafe, The Kitchen Mouse, is always hoppin’ and seems to be a place for the young and hip to congregate and agree with whatever the other person is saying. There are a lot of denim jackets and ironic t-shirts involved (not that I’m not guilty of those things myself, I’m just saying…)andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaIt wasn’t until this specific stroll that I realized there are a ton of options shop-wise to go to get beautified. Salons, barber shops, nail places etc. I guess Highland Park wants you to be pretty. In case you couldn’t tell, this place wanted to make sure you know they are open. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california

My favorite place to get beer! At “The Coldest Beer in Town”. The folks that work there are awesome, they have a good selection and are, well, Brasilian, which gives them automatic kudos in my book (sue me!). Birds of a feather!

There’s also an ever-so-present theme of classic cars. Why does everyone have them? Also, when they have time to restore them? How do they do it? Isn’t that expensive? I feel like I moan every time I have to just get an oil change. IMG_5188andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california The people watching can’t be beat. I’m always wondering where bystanders and commuters are going. Sometimes you see some heartfelt stuff…other times not so much, but I try to keep it positive. I like the interactions I have. The other day I saw a man watching hard-core porn on the public computers at the library and that was interesting. It was uncomfortable, but even the librarians and I agreed that there was something to be admired about his gives-zero-shits approach to doing what he felt like doing. You never know what you’ll come across! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaAh, yes, La Estrella. This place has saved me once or twice at 2:00 am after and evening at La Cuevita Bar (the home of Sunday Service, my favorite LA queer night!) God love ’em. Like I said, there are no shortage of barbers in these here parts. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Another gem of a wall that has been here longer than me! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california I love this, because it makes me wonder if I have ever consciously been talking to a millionaire and then knew I was learning something from them. Have you? Just a reminder that you might be craving a breakfast biscuit, and maybe a little bit of Jesus on the side. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california The Highland Park recreation Center. Great lawn, better people watching (and you get the wi-fi from the library next door). So, you can’t really lose here. This food truck is the jam, and the people who run it are cool. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Note the hair studio. We are now approaching York Blvd. (there will be more York pics in a later post)  I also associate mattresses with Highland Park. Like, they might be on the side of the road, or they might just be stacked sky-high in the bed of a pick-up truck. Either way, people got them some beds to choose from around here .andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california It could be weird, but I think documenting gas prices is always a good testament of time. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california There’s no shortage of this rubbish littering the sidewalks! Real estate agents up the wazoo trying to get everyone to sell their houses. (Don’t worry, I picked it up and threw it away along with about 30 other miscellaneous property-related flyers along the walk).  Your dog is a mini-poodle, my friend. But sure, I’ll beware! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california There’s also an emergence of cool gates. Could it be competitive? It never stops! Now we gotta try and have the coolest gate. Let’s just take down all the gates. Unless I get the coolest gate, then we can all have gates. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Along with the multitude of mattresses, I always find some bed frames that are looking for a new home. And behold! Yet another classic car as the backdrop. Oh wait, and a barbershop in the back ground. We are some bed loving, vintage car driving, style fiends around here. I wonder if this used to be someone’s home, or even what kind of business it was before. Either way, it’s pretty cute. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Loving the houses turned pop-up restaurant. There is a lady on my street that sells these amazing pupusas once a week and she just sets up tables in her front yard. There’s always a LINE. But it’s worth it. Find your currency, then use it, ya know?andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This place has unassuming looking margaritas that you should a) go and enjoy and b) beware and have your Uber app ready. Trust me. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This store rules! And the prices aren’t too crazy. If nothing else, it’s good for creating that mental inventory I talked about before. Sometimes it’s fun to do it in person rather than just on Etsy or Amazon. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california It took everything I had to not go in (I want answers, damnit!), plus there’s nothing more convenient than having my future told to me while getting my latest lower back tattoo. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california When I want to remember Florida, I come here. The aggressive tension of the waiters is remniscent of the geriatric bullies outside of a Cracker Barrel on a Sunday morning. Some people take their giant checkers games seriously. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This museum has some rad stuff including but not limited to some real artifacts from some crazy chases and happenings that took place during the infamous LA Riots!  Sort of like the gas thing, but it’s always fun to document these and use them as visual time capsules. Plus, from an architectural standpoint, they have a cool history that I will delve into in a future (very upcoming) post! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Jesus and classic cars. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Something about these always intrigues me.  There’s Daisy, making sure we dress to the nines again. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaAm I the only one who worries when I notice someone hasn’t checked the mail in a while?  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Clean up your fake bamboo tiki fence and talk to your neighbors, dude. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaWe all do!  Note the “More Art for LA” banner swaying ever so gallantly in the forefront of McDonalds. Hey, who says you can’t have both?andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This lady was not amused and wanted to make sure that I “don’t end up like her” and I asked in what way, to which she responded, “Oh, shit, it’s already too late….just keep going.” I was concerned. But I pressed forward. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california There’s always some character to these liquor stores (characters on the inside) and a personality of their own on the outside. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This place is a picture/experience treasure trove and the people that work there are gems in themselves. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Again with the hair.  Also, the hair. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Also, do you need a haircut? andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california I really dig these benches but have yet to pass by this place and it ever be open. Color me intrigued.  I’m going to do a future Whirling Girlish posts dedicated to all the Lavandarias around the neighborhood and I’ll be stoked to do so. Stay tuned! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Look at that open sign! Open for business and open to diversity is how I see it! Who knows.  Thank goodness there is somewhere to get my hair done. I do like that logo though. I always said if I had a bar of my own I would call it the “Scissor” and the logo would kind of look just like that. Way to be on the same wave length, peeps! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Why can’t I ever say “no” to fruit…why?andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california     andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Shopclass offers, well, classes, for those of your that want to get your wood-working on! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This is where we used to bring (Tesla, the xolo, who now lives in Florida with her confidante, Lucy the labrador). andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california

andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaCool guy, working on some deals. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california   andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california   andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california “That’s what she told me!”, said no one ever.  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california Cafe de Leche rules and the management is second to none (she’s a good friend of mine). Grab a cup!  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california IMG_5449andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california   andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaThe Monte Vista projects (on arguably the most historic stretch of buildings in Highland Park!) andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaIMG_5484IMG_5485IMG_5486IMG_5487IMG_5488IMG_5489IMG_5490IMG_5491IMG_5492IMG_5493IMG_5499IMG_5500IMG_5501 IMG_5502  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california  andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california This is Dr. Moore. He taught at Pepperdine for 33 years and walks around the neighborhood with his African Gray Parrot on his shoulder as to ensure that she doesn’t “get restless”. She poops on him constantly, and he genuinely doesn’t care, and I hope to adopt his mentality one day. andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_california andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaIMG_5557IMG_5546IMG_5552Couldn’t resist throwing in a trailer pic! Love the light this time of day. But I still need to figure out how to hide my power cables! andrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaandrea_jackson_whirling_girlish_highland_park_los_angeles_californiaPS I cannot WAIT to go to this event, it’s going to be awesome/interesting and there will be lots of “YAHS” hollers (on my part) I’m imagining.

She wishes she was that belt! (PS she made that belt, and Nyima Ward is wearing it). PSS I live with her.

I live with the BA artist that hand-crafted some of the beaded jewelry featured in this month’s issue of Numero Homme Magazine in Germany, and I’m pretty excited about it. 

numero homme germany magazine stormie art

The October 2015 issue of Numero Homme magazine based out of Germany features model, Nyima Ward wearing (my badass roommate’s hand-made, artisanal, Native American, beaded goods) STORMIE ART (represented by Roseark). Photos are by renowned fashion photographer Alexei Hay, and styling is done by non-other than Bill Mullen ( This group of people…I’M TELLIN’ YA!)

model nyima ward in stormie art jewelry for numero homme magazine styled by bill mullen photo by alexei hay oct 2015

You get a sense of not only the kind of work Stormie does, but also the kind of person she is. Old School style meets psychedelic funk as it manifests itself through her tribal inspired, intricate bead-work.

model nyima ward in stormie art jewelry for numero homme magazine styled by bill mullen photo by alexei hay oct 2015

Stormie is a feminist’s feminist. A strong, independent woman who etched her way into the fashion scene long before digital and social media was ever thought of. She has worked with some of the most renowned stylists around the world, while her work has been worn by artists like Madonna, and Mick Jagger (just to name a couple).

model nyima ward in stormie art jewelry for numero homme magazine styled by bill mullen photo by alexei hay oct 2015

Stormie has her finger on the pulse of trending styles, as she has a most unique and creativity-inspiring living situation nestled in the burgeoning neighborhood of Highland Park in Los Angeles (where she’s been kicking ass for the last 20 years with her myriad of animals….including a pet pig, on a big piece of land in a SWEET 100-year-old house). But she never loses her sense of self, and stays true to her true passion and spiritual ties to Native American culture, a community she has been active in most of her life.

model nyima ward in stormie art jewelry for numero homme magazine styled by bill mullen photo by alexei hay oct 2015

Stormie’s work can be found painted around social media via her website, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and soon-to-be-launched blog! (She’s going to step out of her comfort zone and be less private, per my nagging request hehe)

model nyima ward in stormie art jewelry for numero homme magazine styled by bill mullen photo by alexei hay oct 2015

Not too shabby a morning for Stormie, huh!? PS She’s toying with the idea of going with a Nyima Ward inspired themed costume for Halloween (they have the same hair) and I completely support her in this endeavor.

WHIRLING GIRLISH THROWBACK!: that ever-present artistic push against “neo-mannerism”—a favorite piece for The Suburban Apologist (SubAp!) magazine!

whirling girlish for the suburban apologist resisting neo mannerism art article featuring artist kyle austin dunn of san francisco california

Here’s an original Whirling Girlish article published in The Suburban Apologist in 2013! SubAp! just celebrated its first PRINT issue that you should try to get your hands on! SubAp! has been a friend of The Whirling Girlish for a loooooong time, and there is more greatness to come! Congrats, SubAp!

Check it out here!

resisting neo mannerism the whirling girlish for sub ap

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.27.52 PM

You can re-red the original article here

These days artist, Kyle Austin Dunn, still resides in San Francisco, CA and is creating a collection of large-scale pieces out of his studio in Oakland, CA. And his custom furniture business is booming! You can check out some of his unique and hand-crafted pieces by checking out BayAreaCustomFurniture.com here.

He creates some really cool pieces like the ones shown here at: 

bay area custom furniture by kyle austin dunn san francisco california

bay area custom furniture artist kyle austin dunn san francisco california


Katrine by VUM music video directed by Andreas Attai, a friend of the Whirling Girlish!

VUM — “Katrine” from Andreas Attai on Vimeo.

Just me and my Chola’s. Circa 1990.

Director/Producer/Editor: Andreas “Tito” Attai
Director of Photography: Charlie “Largo” Balch
Co-Producer/UPM: Hannah “Wetta” Baker
Colorist: Bryan “Paco” Smaller
Hair: Taylor “Lo” Stevenson
Make-Up: Dina “Smiley” Gregg
Picture Car/Transpo: Cesar “Rascal” Alvarez

Cholas: Cristina “Chula” Mendoza, Ashley “Lil’ Payaysa” Sinden, Melody “Whisper” Parra

Special Thanks
Jennifer and Chris Badger
Mom, Dad, and Sisters
Jackson LaRue
Andrew Jaramillo
Katherine Montague
Niko Wiesnet
East L.A.

Read about it here: http://yvynyl.com/post/120625952507/premiere-vum-katrine-it-is-hard-to-detect-this

“It is hard to detect this video’s age and origins. Its direction and design is outstanding (full credits), and as always, the song from one of my favorite dark-siders from LA Jennifer Pearl continues to break my heart. She just let this video fly in celebration of her new album, Cryptocrystalline LP. “(via yvynyl)

If you want to see more from Director Andreas Attai, you can access his website here.

Talk about a sound bath, yeah? Enjoy! 

Women Around the World: Weekly Article Feed

Your weekly update about happening around that you want to read about. Brought to you by The Whirling Girlish. Hope all of you are getting ready for a fantastic Women’s Rights Day this upcoming Tuesday! 

tina belcher bobs burgers feminismThe Women of Bob’s Burgers : http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2014/08/23/342397137/feminism-in-a-run-down-taffy-factory-the-women-of-bobs-burgers (via NPR)

The Fate of Feminism in Pakistan : http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/21/opinion/bina-shah-the-fate-of-feminism-in-pakistan.html?_r=0 (via NY Times)

Taylor Swift’s take on feminism “clarified” : http://www.mtv.com/news/1908420/taylor-swift-feminism-guardian/ (via MTV)

Conde Nast’s new CMO is shaking things up : http://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciaadamczyk/2014/08/21/new-cmo-is-latest-shakeup-at-media-giant-conde-nast/ (via Forbes)

Twitter parody humor for anti-feminists : http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/ct-twitter-feminism-parody-balancing-20140815-column.html (via Chicago Tribune)

Scenes from feminist implosion : http://nypost.com/2014/08/04/scenes-from-the-feminist-implosion/ (via NY Post)