Andrea Kainuma is a Media Production Professional living in Los Angeles, California.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Media production, she relocated to East Los Angeles and has since created a network of professionals while experiencing the wealth of Los Angeles culture and history while living in unique neighborhoods such as Highland Park, Silver Lake and Echo Park.

Her professional portfolio ranges from scripted and non scripted live-action films and commercials, comedy shorts, viral video content, documentary an scripted feature film work, as well as an opportunity copy writing for a major cosmetics brand commercial.

Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys traveling, volunteering at the community garden in Highland Park, renovations (like her 1969 19′ Silver Streak Trailer), and working on creative writing projects. Among her most notable project have been the ongoing collective of illustrations referred to as “Architecture for the Masses”, inspired by her Brazilian ethnic background, and the renovation of a vintage trailer.







2 thoughts on “about

  1. Stacey

    You were amazing Saturday. Each time you shared I turned to another neighboring woman and said, “I love her!” Thanks for capturing the day so perfectly.


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