WHIRLING GIRLISH THROWBACK!: that ever-present artistic push against “neo-mannerism”—a favorite piece for The Suburban Apologist (SubAp!) magazine!

whirling girlish for the suburban apologist resisting neo mannerism art article featuring artist kyle austin dunn of san francisco california

Here’s an original Whirling Girlish article published in The Suburban Apologist in 2013! SubAp! just celebrated its first PRINT issue that you should try to get your hands on! SubAp! has been a friend of The Whirling Girlish for a loooooong time, and there is more greatness to come! Congrats, SubAp!

Check it out here!

resisting neo mannerism the whirling girlish for sub ap

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.27.52 PM

You can re-red the original article here

These days artist, Kyle Austin Dunn, still resides in San Francisco, CA and is creating a collection of large-scale pieces out of his studio in Oakland, CA. And his custom furniture business is booming! You can check out some of his unique and hand-crafted pieces by checking out BayAreaCustomFurniture.com here.

He creates some really cool pieces like the ones shown here at: 

bay area custom furniture by kyle austin dunn san francisco california

bay area custom furniture artist kyle austin dunn san francisco california



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