This Week’s Links: Fashion and Food

Friendly Fashionista

Maybe it’s the close proximity to Thanksgiving (or the fact that I’m very hungry right now) but there were a ton of great articles this week on healthy, organic eating. There’s plenty going on in the world of sustainable fashion too, but food definitely has my attention this week! Enjoy!


  • File under: good to know! The Environmental Working Group recently came out with its dirty dozen– a list of top food additives to avoid and why. (via Organic Authority)
  • BroccoLeaf: the nutritious super veggie you’ve been throwing away. (via Organic Authority)
  • Did you know you could get $20 your next denim purchase at J. Crew by donating your old pair of jeans? Yes, it’s true! (via Blue Jeans Go Green)
  • Beauty brand Lush recently duped fur-wearers with a fake website that showed them the cruel reality faced by our furry friends  who end up as coats (like the adorable…

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