Are you ready for ‘Interstellar’?


You’ll need to know about these things (just a little bit at least) so that you can enjoy the movie rather than just feel like your head is going to pop:

Artificial gravity, spinning black holes, worm holes, gravitational time dilation, and five dimensional reality (not to be confused with the sweet ass band, The 5th Dimension) . Not too bad!

worm hole image interstellar

Full article here:  (via Business Insider)

planet formation huffington post digital image rendering

HL Tau and its protoplanetary disk, as seen by the ALMA telescope in Chile. This best image of planet formation reveals multiple rings and gaps that herald the presence of emerging planets as they sweep their orbits clear of dust and gas. (Photo via Huffington Post) 

“This is truly one of the most remarkable images ever seen at these wavelengths,” Dr. Crystal Brogan, an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Charlottesville, Virginia, said in a written statement. “The level of detail is so exquisite that it’s even more impressive than many optical images.”

Scientists believe the image–captured by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile–will expand our understanding of how planets form throughout the universe, and how our own solar system came to be.

The image features the star HL Tau, which is located approximately 450 light-years from Earth. The star is surrounded by a protoplanetary disk made of gas and dust. The gaps in the disk indicate that emerging planets orbit around the star, clearing dust from their path as they go.

“These features are almost certainly the result of young planet-like bodies that are being formed in the disk,” ALMA Deputy Director Dr. Stuartt Corder said in the statement. “This is surprising since HL Tau is no more than a million years old and such young stars are not expected to have large planetary bodies capable of producing the structures we see in this image.”

The rest of the article here: (via Huffington Post)

Enjoy, readers!




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