Around the World with The Whirling Girlish

Greeting Whirling Girlishers! Sorry for the recent hiatus in postings! I have been busy busy with lots of commercial production work (yay!). There’s no shortage of interesting things happening around the world that I’d like to share…so have at it! And feel free to join the conversation. I’m all ears! Side note: My obsession with NPR proves pretty evident here, but sue me! This is good stuff, and I hate for everyone to not know what they are missing out on! Jump on that boat, peeps, there’s some stuff out there that you DESERVE to know about! The world is waiting! 

women in tech in silicone valley professional women marketing and public relations



A MUST read about the women in Silicon Valley primarily responsible for the highly important marketing for tech products. Give it a read! : (via NPR)

what is a woman the new yorker





The New Yorker asks “What is a woman?” Who knows?! Interesting and timely read. Give it a go! (via The New Yorker)

Hispanic representation in Hollywood roles. Get in the know and support equal and accurate representation for all ethnic groups! : (via NY Daily News)

Spaced out— it feels like we are becoming pretty close with Mars these days, doesn’t it? I can dig it! : (via NY Times)

Second American Ebola patient transported to Emory Hospital in Atlanta today for further treatment: (via WSJ)

Movies that make men cry (and humans in general I would imagine…but you get the idea)Yep, and Tom Hanks is super involved: (via NPR)

The hilarious and wonderful Allison Janney on being a kick-ass woman. A must read. Do it.: (via NPR)

More developments and enlightenments regarding autism studies in children. They have that love chemical like everyone else. So let’s give that right back! : (via NPR)

  • *Side note: I have an ex-girlfriend that did work with a cafe called Artista’s Cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is a great program and there are so many others just like it popping up all over the country! And you can help! Check out the website here for more information. You won’t regret it! For more information on Autism you can visit this site.*

Musician Jon Batiste and his awesome Stay Human Project. Check it out! : (via NPR)

Save the Liberal Arts in colleges! It’s important, y’all, read it over, even if it is just a skim!: (via NPR…shocker, I know)

boyhood full length feature

The allure and talk about the recently released Boyhood flick! It took twelve years to complete an used all of the same actors over the course of the time. I am DESPERATE to see it myself. You should be too!: (via Indiewire)

spirited away by hayao miyazaki and studio ghibli

I refuse to believe this, but I guess it’s in black and white. Studio Ghibli will always be alive in my heart. It was a MASSIVE part of my childhood, and Hayao Miyazaki’s film has moved me as a person and contributed to the person I am today! Ghibli forever!: (via The Guardian)

Martin Scorsese fighting to keep Kodak Alive! Activism at its finest…: (Hollywood Reporter)

Should we all still be mad at Woody Allen? I grapple with this, as I can’t help but want to see all of his movies, on repeat…often…sure me! I separate his personal whatever with his work, and will do so as long as I can! But I want to know what you think! : (via Huffington Post)

The tragedy and reality of the happenings in Gaza. Read at your own risk and keep current with the ever changing war landscape affecting millions of people every day: (via WSG)


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