Flor Veinte Collective: An Interview

Bluestockings Magazine

UntitledRegina Larre Campuzno (Maladama) and Valerie Peczek (Valey) have teamed up in their Oberlin afterlives to start a music production group that works with “female, trans*, and gender non-conforming performers” [1] to share their music and empower communities through education. Flor Veinte Collective makes music performance more inclusive and accessible to all people through promoting gender and cultural equality.

This summer Flor Veinte launches it’s first tour across the East Coast and the Midwest playing shows in 14 cities. The duo will be offering workshops (conducted in both Spanish and English) that will teach trans* youth and young girls songwriting, improvisation, performance techniques, and basic soldering skills to make contact microphones.

Fresh like a flower, Flor Veinte Collective is a much needed and awaited departure from a generally male-dominated music scene. Help them support their summer tour and workshops by donating to their Kickstarter and check them out…

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