Marvelous Maternova: A Virtual Marketplace For Midwife Technologies

Oh, Bluestockings…you get me every time!

Bluestockings Magazine

When I think of technology, I imagine launching massive metallic satellites into planetary orbit and digitally reconstructed images of dinosaurs.

“Appropriate technology” rests in peace as a buzzword of the 70s, long replaced by the synonymous, more savvy “sustainable development.”

Meanwhile, our current mode of disinfecting our consciousness from the pollutions of capitalism rests upon our excessive creation of NGOs and socially-responsible start-ups. There are so many competing against one another with contradictory modes of intervention that many lose sight of their goals, are detrimental to communities, and wasteful of resources.

How can we keep track of all of them and rate the effectiveness, saving the good parts and wrenching the bad ones?

Economic poverty, cultural beliefs, rural locales and systemic discrimination may limit a woman’s access to care and health resources. Operating as a virtual marketplace, Maternova assembles the globe’s best low-resource technologies for women and infant care for bulk purchase by other organizations and…

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