Imagining Feminist Intellectual Property

Bluestockings Magazine

This article was originally published in the 4th Print Issue of bluestockings magazine.

unnamed “Venus Symbol 1” by jfrancis is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Feminist epistemology seeks to provide ways of creating new possibilities and new realities — it does not seek to present a simple defined answer, but instead to pose more, perhaps better, questions. Mobilizing feminist epistemologies alongside intellectual property laws permits serious investigation of current conceptions of the United States’ legal system, and, more specifically, concepts of ownership and property rights. A feminist theoretical framework deeply challenges intellectual property regulations and laws by interrogating established concepts of what constitutes an idea and its origin. It opens the space to ask: What is knowledge? And how can we regulate it?

The American legal tradition, especially in intellectual property, privileges the inventor, the individual. What is excluded from this system is the recognition of communally constructed knowledge. Currently there is…

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