Music Moguls: Exclusive interview with Grammy nominated Record Producer Cookie Marenco

If you didn’t get a chance the first time around, check out the exclusive Whirling Girlish interview with Grammy nominated record producer, Cookie Marenco. Enjoy!

January 3, 2013

by Andrea Jackson

Cookie marenco blue coast music hi resolution dsd recrodings interview npr image for the whirling girlish 2

Cookie Marenco is anything but a newbie when it comes to the music industry. In fact, she’s a downright veteran, and has played a crucial role in the creation and distribution of high-resolution audio recordings using a breakthrough digital format called Direct Stream Digital (DSD).

In 2010, Marenco’s company, Blue Coast Records, became the first company to commercially release DSD (one bit recording 64 times bigger than the conventional CD) downloads. This Renaissance woman is Founder of Blue Coast Music, the parent company for Blue Coast Records, Downloads NOW!, OTR Studios and DSD-Guide.  Blue Coast Music also produces and distributes Hi Resolution downloads for other companies such as the San Francisco Symphony, IsoMike, and ACT Music among others. She is also a five-time Grammy nominated engineer, and will be featured on the new HiRes Tech Zone panel and with Indiegogo in a press…

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