Lost in Translation: On the Language of Consent

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Bluestockings Magazine


When we think of consent, we think of dialogue, communication, and a proactive stance on discussing our desires and boundaries when it comes to sex. It requires that we both be able to consent or express volition when it comes to the specifics of sex. Unfortunately, given the difficulty and hassle of constantly communicating what we like and dislike, at some point we cross others’ boundaries and feel as if our limits have been reached. Too often it is difficult to speak of discomfort and disgust when it comes to sex, worrying we’ll spoil the moment. Sadly, most of us have experienced some form of such discomfort, though many might rarely describe their experiences as sexual assault.

Part of rehabilitating rape culture requires that we address the cause of assault: the crossing of our boundaries, the breaching of our limitations, and the disintegrating of bodily and personal autonomy. To be…

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