Expression In Context: Alison McDonnell’s [transpose]

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[transpose], a new project by photographer Alison McDonnell, captures the lived realities of transgender people in Dublin, Ireland. Framing the subjects in their homes or at Outhouse, a Dublin-based LGBT community and resource center, [transpose] disrupts a gaze where place, specifically ‘safe spaces’, and identity are in juxtaposition to the question: Is it fair to be denied rights, respect and dignity just because of who you are? 

[transpose] by Alison McDonnell [transpose] by Alison McDonnell Much like Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retolda “transgender community art initiative” which originated in San Diego, California, the strength of these projects is found in its authentic perspectives. It is a visibility where the subject controls the image and therefore the story.

Visible Bodies _Ali Renee Visible Bodies _Ali Renee

These controlled expressions, contextualized around veritable trans* narratives, are an opportunity and present the audience with a challenge. As transgender people continue to disrupt narrow representation and as cultural awareness…

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