Alice, Television and Goths

Awesome show this week on Life Elsewhere!

Life Elsewhere

Carroll & Baird

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere aired on January 27, the birthdate in 1832 of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote his extraordinary books under the name Lewis Carroll. It was on the same date in 1926, that Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated a pictorial transmission machine called, television. We consider the creator of Alice In Wonderland with Mark Burstein, president of The Lewis Carroll Society of North America. To learn the history of television, Dr. Mark Aldridge, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television at Southampton Solent University, UK, joins the program. Plus Goth favorites, The Sisters Of Mercy are selected by a listener for this week’s Hit That Never Was, with their ode to “Alice”.

The questions of Lewis Carroll‘s drug use and his predilection for photographing naked or near-naked young girls alerted a number of listeners. They unanimously said, Mr. Burstein‘s opinions should…

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