Give Your Couture a Second Life Before Sending it to the Landfill

Friendly Fashionista

This week’s post is from Tara LaSalla of Going Green Tampa. See below the article for her website info!

shop ethically

Like many Americans, we love to shop and consume. Whether it is the latest high tech gadget or the newest fashion trends, all items have a certain shelf life in our minds. But shopping and consuming have consequences when we tire of the old and are ready for something new. Many times, people don’t give it a second thought to throw out worn or old clothes, shoes, purses, belts and even teddy bears. It’s easy to throw anything away and send it off to the landfill.

According to the U.S. EPA, textile waste accounts for over 13.1 million tons of the solid waste stream or about 4 billion pounds sent to the landfill each year. Think about what 4 billion pounds of clothing or material would look like in a pile…

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