Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays from Bluestockings Magazine. The first feminist minded magazine brought to you from Brown University in Rhode Island! We love our friends at Bluestockings! Check it out:


Bluestockings Magazine

In just a semester, Bluestockings has tirelessly worked to publish our lovely 3rd Issue, 2nd zine, and daily cutting-edge content on our blog, featuring writers and artists from all around the world. We are proud of our writers’ and artists’ work, and of the immense amount of dedicated work that our team has put into this labor of love. After our hard work, we’ve decided to take a short break from the blog, and will begin publishing more content in the new year. Thereafter, we aim to diversify the topics and perspective that we showcase on the blog, broaching such underrepresented issues as ableism and mentalism, sex work and immigration, transnationality and minimum wage reform, amongst numerous other topics. As always, feel free to submit to bluestockingsmagazine@gmail.com to feature your voice in the publication.

Happy holidays and lots of love,

The Bluestockings Editorial Board

All Images via Google Images

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