Parental Advisory, or a Capricious Fantasy

Bluestockings Magazine

This piece was originally published on Arsenic & Fresh Mace and has been republished here with the author’s permission.

The mid-1980s were troubled times for the Youth of the Nation.  We were told we were the future, assuming we didn’t burn to pieces in a nuclear blast.  We were told that drugs were very bad and could ruin our lives and we received careful compulsory instruction in school about the class, categories, street value, and method of ingestion for each and every drug.  We were told there was something called AIDS and we received far less information about sex than we did about drugs, but we were told to leave that alone, too.  All was not bleak.  There was this new invention called the Walkman and there were these things called cassette tapes.  Parents of the Nation rejoiced.  Finally they could be spared the trouble of listening to their children’s…

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