Young Bluestockings Essay Finalist: Nerd Culture

Another awesome read from Bluestocking magazine’s essay finalist: Nerd Culture…check it out!

Bluestockings Magazine

The first time I was deemed a “Fake Geek” was at seven years old during my class’ Halloween celebration, that golden period of time when you actually wanted parents to attend your parties because, hey, free food and a ride home on something that wasn’t a school bus.

I was feeling pretty fierce in my Princess Leia costume, pretending that the playground slide was the Tantive IV and staring pityingly at the kids with lame costumes – come on, you’ve been a ladybug for three years in a row – while my buns were positioned perfectly. Suddenly, not giving me enough time to pull my blaster ray, three boys stole my wig and ran, laughing and dangling it over the tan bark.

“Why’d you do that?” I yelled, throwing my arms over my real hair in an attempt to maintain the illusion.

“You’re a girl!” they said. “You don’t know…

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