Young Bluestockings Essay Finalist: The F Word

Bluestockings Magazine Essay Finalist! Check out “The F-Word” here!

Bluestockings Magazine

“I feel so… FAT,” I heard a ten year old girl sigh into the mirror in a department store dressing room today. My heart sank. She obviously wasn’t saying it the same, excited way I had exclaimed earlier this morning as I admired my lumps in the full length mirror. She seemed disappointed that her body had failed to fit into the sequined dress and so did the woman with her. At that point, I wanted to sweep her up like a chubby mother goose and tell her about the fabulous, secret world of self-love in all forms.

Since the day I was born, I was too big. I grew up in the south where the only thing bigger than the cookouts were the personalities and let me tell you, I got the best sides of both. My mouth is just as big as my heart and belly. Apparently that’s scary for people; especially grown…

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