Baring It All: A Hairesy

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Bluestockings Magazine

Body hair gets called a lot of nasty things – dirty, grimy, unattractive – and women’s armpit hair in particular has a bad rep. In my hometown of Milton, Massachusetts, a middle-class suburb just south of Boston, body hair seems to be approaching extinction. I do not remember seeing any body hair but my own for most of high school. Many of my friends waxed their eyebrows, lips, arms, legs and pubic hair. Among this classic case of high school chaetophobia (phobia of hair), growing out body hair never occurred to me as an option.

I spent last summer as a happy, healthy and hairy camp counselor at a wilderness program in Vermont that I attended as a camper when I was younger. In early high school—a time of too much eyeliner, MTV and Abercrombie – camp brought me back to planet earth and filled my life up with rope swings…

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