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jhumpa lahiri lowland broadcast diane rehm show npr the whirling girlish photo

(Photo of Author Jhumpa Lahiri via NPR)

The “Black Feminism Syllabus”: http://jezebel.com/melissa-harris-perrys-black-feminism-syllabus-is-all-k-1475129029 (via Jezebel)

Alanis Morisette on “When Patriarchy Ends”: http://www.thefashionspot.com/life/353065-alanis-morissette-feminism/ (via The Fashion Spot)

South Africa’s Feminism Champion?: http://mg.co.za/article/2013-12-02-malema-south-africas-feminism-champion (via MG)

Claire Danes on Feminism in Hollywood: http://jezebel.com/amy-adams-and-claire-danes-talk-feminism-and-women-in-h-1475554888 (via Jezebel)

National Association of Professional Women: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1618667 (via Digital Journal)

The Battle on Ethanol and Biofuels: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2013-12-03/environmental-outlook-debate-over-ethanol-and-future-biofuels (via Diane Rehm)

Jhumpa Lahiri: “The Lowland”, Amazing Reads: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2013-11-29/jhumpa-lahiri-lowland-rebroadcast (via Diane Rehm)


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