Black Girl Dangerous Comes To Brown: Blogger, Activist and Author Mia McKenzie Shares her Writings and Thoughts on Being Dangerous

Compliments of Bluestockings Magazine!

Bluestockings Magazine

This article is written in response to the BDH’s factually inaccurate and spotty coverage of the event, “Black Girl Dangerous: Activist and Blogger” that occurred last Wednesday, Nov 20th, in Metcalf. Not only were McKenzie’s words misconstrued, especially in the closing sentence that stated she said, “‘You know what I love — when people don’t see race,’” with no context included. This was said in jest and the author offers it as McKenzie’s honest opinion, not informing its audience to her tone. The article also gave no background information on Black Girl Dangerous or McKenzie as an author. Moving forward, I ask that the BDH ensure that adequate background research is done on all of its reports and that the rigorous editorial standards of the BDH be met so reporting on events be factually correct. 

Also, all of the planners of the event, Amy LaCount, Krishan Aghi…

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