Ethical Fashion on Modavanti

A great post brought to you by our friend at The Whirling Girlish, The Friendly Fashionist!

Friendly Fashionista

I recently came across this amazing website called Modavanti that’s basically an everything-in-one destination for eco-conscious fashion. What really drew me in was the cute stuff they had in their online shop. It’s not the usual fair-trade-organic-cotton-hippie-tote kind of site. Their motto, “Making Sustainable Sexy”, is a real testament to their commitment to style and eco-consciousness. The shop has eco-friendly items with a cool badge system that delineates each aspect of sustainability for every item. Hellooooo awesome. So I caught up with Modavanti’s CEO David Dietz for more info on the company and its role in the sustainable fashion revolution!

One thing he mentioned that I thought was interesting was how many brands already follow ethical guidelines in their manufacturing processes. “Many brands do it because it’s what they believe in naturally even though their brand identity is more focused on being stylish,” Dietz said. And he’s right! Through my own research, I’ve…

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