Record Producer Cheryl Pawelski: Trailblazer, Innovator

The Whirling Girlish Cheryl Pawelski Interview featured in Bluestockings Magazine! Check it out!

Bluestockings Magazine

Cheryl Pawelski is a rock star. And she’s no newcomer to the music business. Pawelski is a three-time Grammy Awards nominee with over twenty years of industry experience, and also co-founder of the California-based Omnivore Records, named by her equally awesome wife, writer and professor Audrey Bilger. In 2010, Pawelski joined forces with fellow audiophiles to create a company dedicated to releasing great records of any genre, with stories that contribute to an artists’ legacy and/or discography. So far it’s been pretty successful.

I was compelled to reach out to Pawelski after coming across a 2012 BBC News Entertainment piece titled, Why are female record producers so rare?. The article featured two seasoned record producers sharing their thoughts and opinions about the lack of female representation in the music industry.

“If they’re a bunch of guys and they’re young, and they’re funny and they tell rude jokes, you have to…

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