Feminist Frequencies: A Spoken Word Playlist

Some epic spoken word brought to you compliments of Bluestockings Magazine!

Bluestockings Magazine

Almost three years ago my mom knocked on my room’s door and asked me if I was crying or singing. I lied and said I was singing, and she laughed through the wood and said I sounded like a dying animal, and that I really shouldn’t quit my day job. I was sitting on my desk with my laptop in front of me. I had just seen my first spoken word poem: Phil Kaye’s ‘Teeth’. I was extremely unsure of what had just happened, or why I was crying, but I also felt extremely happy and connected to something awesome. Since ‘Teeth’ is the first spoken word poem I ever experienced, it seems appropriate to start with it on this playlist.

1. “Teeth” by Phil Kaye

This poem is about family identity and history. Phil Kaye tells the story of his seemingly conflicting ancestry. I won’t reveal the details here…

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