Angel Haze’s 30-Gold Series: Lyrics of Love and Rage

The Whirling Girlish for Bluestockings Magazine!

Bluestockings Magazine

Angel Haze, born Raykeea Wilson, is as much a societal trailblazer as she is a rising rap artist. The career of the 22-year-old has come a long way since its genesis on Tumblr just a couple of years ago. But her story starts way before then. At age 16, Haze left her strict Pentecostal Greater Apostolic Church community in Detroit, Michigan and set out for Brooklyn, New York with her mother. Here, she was able to begin to tackle the mental and traumatic scarring inflicted by her unique religious upbringing which she now refers to as “a cult”.

Haze might be new to the music scene, but notable sources like Flavorwire are already deeming her the “most important rapper of 2013”. Notice this label is not gender specific. That’s right. Angel Haze is being called the most important and groundbreaking rapper of 2013 in general.

A self-proclaimed pansexual, Haze touches upon…

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