Angel Haze’s 30-Gold Freestyles

Angel Haze photographed in London

If you haven’t heard about Angel Haze yet, you will. The rising rap star is filling the airways with bold, powerful and heart wrenching lyrics, touching upon major issues such as sexuality, sexual abuse, religion, and racial prejudices. Leading up to her debut album titled Dirty Gold, Haze is releasing freestyle remixes to some of today’s hottest songs. But she is doing it with her own twist. One of her most noted 30-Gold releases has been her cover to Mackelmore and Mary Lambert’s “Same Love”. Haze quotes genderqueer poet Andrea Gibson’s Andrew, and dismisses labels and inequality. Haze (born Raymeea Wilson) has a unique story. After growing up in a strict religious community, she and her mother moved from Michigan to Brooklyn, NY, where her music career began. At 22, her music career is still young. She has already created some big waves on the hip-hop scene, and it is safe to say she is just getting started.

For Angel Haze’s 30-Gold SoundCloud mixes, click here.


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