The Whirling Girlish on Haim for The Suburban Apologist!

Whirling Girlish Haim Article for Suburban Apologist

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by Andrea Jackson

The Whirling Girlish is SubAp’s ode to women in music, as well as a portal to the culture which follows them. True to its name, Whirling Girlish covers the underground riot grrrl ethos that has made (or screamed) its way into our ever-angsty hearts.

That’s right. The middle part is back full force, and its being rocked by the all girl alternative rock group,Haim (rhymes with “time”)— and I don’t hate it. This Californian sister act has had a busy year touring with some big name groups such as Mumford and Sons, and Florence + the Machine, also while signing with Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation.

There’s no shortage of online photos of the trendy, new wave lasses, but there is little signs of their drummer, Dash Hutton, from the late band Wires of Fire. All well, we still get to feast our eyes on these bohemian beauties’ LA infused style complete with daisy dukes, combat boots, and Stevie Nicks floppy hats. But remember, it’s not attitude without some bold, red lipstick…and they’ve got plenty!

Combine Haim’s youthful glow with some killer instrument shredding (they each play more than one), and you’ve got your new indie/folk/rock/R&B/pop band on your hands, or so people are referring to them as. Or perhaps they are more funk/punk meets new wave? Who knows? It seems this group is quickly gaining a reputation for being a culmination of almost any artist/genre, past or present, ever to exist.

Their musical background stems from influences  influences like Stevie Nicks (might I mention the hats again?), but also crowd favorites like Destiny’s Child, En Vogue and TLC, hence explaining the mixture of creative vocal harmonies, and dance-worthy beats making up their much anticipated first complete album, Days are Gone, to be released September 30.

Leaked MP3s have Haim fans, and curious listeners alike flocking to discussion boards to share their thoughts. Some describe them as “new folk meets 90s R&B”, while others are deem songs on the album such as Falling a healthy mixture of The Eagles, Kate Bush, Billy Ocean, Sheena Easton, Shania Twain, Azaelia Banks…need I go on? I’ll settle with calling them “kick ass” and then call it a day.

There’ s a lot of good going on in the land of Haim.  Este Haim, the eldest sister, wins the title of “bass face” due to her ability to play some  extreme facial hockey while plucking away at her bass during shows. Meanwhile, her sisters take turns on different instruments during each set, kickin’ it punk rock and owning  their “long hair (literally) don’t care” attitudes. These indie chicks are earning some extra media coverage recently for doing a cover of Miley Cyrus’ new track, Wreckingball. Seems there’s little to no fear on their end when it comes to doing the unexpected and trekking into unknown territory. Plus there is always something endearing about girl bands that still get on stage and bash their heads around a little bit, no?

The album might be called Days are Gone, but their days on the music map are just beginning. Give them a listen, ya dig?


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